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free-meals-for-bangladeshi-workers at Acts Cafe@Desker
Free Meals for Migrant Workers

My sister, Yvonne and I are now operating Acts Cafe at 85 Desker Road. We are in partnership with Worldwide Transformation Pte Ltd and HEALTHSERVE, which are non-profit organizations providing healing, medical and educational services to the Bangladeshi migrant workers.

We offer free English and Computer classes to the workers on Saturdays and Sundays, from 6pm to 9pm. We have now 120 students in these classes.

On Thursdays, HEALTHSERVE is offering free lunch to the injured workers at Acts Cafe. These injured workers are currently waiting for their claims for medical expenses or compensations to be processed by MOM and the Court.

Meanwhile, some of them have not been under their employer’s payroll for more than a year. HEALTHSERVE provides them free medical and legal counselling services, top up of phone card and MRT card and free lunch on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

In the last two weeks, we have some of the migrant workers coming into our cafe asking for food in the early evening and we referred them to HEALTHSERVE which is located upstairs.

Since then we have started a meal coupon system for these workers who need a meal, from Monday to Friday, on the condition that they register with HEALTHSERVE for opening a case with MOM. We cook an pack Bangladeshi food for them.

However, we still have people coming to us for food and we are trying our best to cope and bless them in whatever way. Hence, we are exploring the feasibility of running a part-time “open” kitchen to provide free food to those people not covered under HEALTHSERVE.

We hope we could receive some support for ideas and solutions from everyone of you.

One way to support us financially is to patronize our cafe or order our cakes. You can also support us through the following:

  • Book our place or meetings rooms for events such as birthday party, baby one-month celebration and networking
  • Use our facilities for fellowship or business charter breakfast meetings
  • Order food for home parties

We are open to any working partnership that will be a blessing to our migrant workers in need and to lessen their hardship in whatever ways we can.


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